Cast your mind back to New Zealand 2002, after an absence of 16 Years, a Great Britain team re-entered the cauldron that is the America’s Cup.

Now 10 years later.......

What do you do with 2 very special yachts, GBR 70 and GBR 78, that have been in storage since this event?

Following the UK’s America’s Cup challenge in 2002, the boats have been completely and professionally disassembled upon their return to the United Kingdom and the components have been in careful storage undercover since.

But now its time to say goodbye once and for all as these massive 90 foot Yachts are finally being fully dismantled and all the parts are for sale, with some spares / winches never even being used!

If you want further details and to express an interest please contact

Mr Craig Nutter
Medina Yard
Isle of Wight

Tel: 01983 203872


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